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Alternative Business Automation Solutions (ABAS) works directly with executives to analyze and reduce operating cost while improving workflow efficiency throughout the company. We develop new tangible processes through automation equipment and software that meets your company’s initiatives and positively impacts on your bottom line. All this, combined with our next generation technology, service and green initiatives, are just a few reasons why ABAS is our customers most trusted business partner.

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Top 5 Reasons Companies are Afraid to Switch Postage Meter Vendors:

  • They did not know that there was an alternative to Pitney Bowes
  • They already switched from Pitney Bowes to Neopost and it only got worse
  • They switched back to Pitney Bowes from Neopost only to realize it had gotten much worse
  • They are confused with the USPS licensing of postage meters and don’t trust their Pitney Bowes and Neopost sales reps
  • They fear the unknown and think it will be painful to switch their postage meter payment funds to another Postage Meter provider

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